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Welcome to the Cats Breeder Referral List, the english website of the well known directory for the European part of the cat breeder world on the World Wide Web. This websites are founded and operated by a cat breeder for cat breeders and cat lovers, and is still growing since 2005.

Are you looking for a pedigreed kitten or cat?
Search for purebred cat breeders by breed, location, cattery name, or cat breeder name.

Are you a cat breeder?
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still free of charge or any fees.
There is only a backlink to our Website required.
Please use the banner on the banner exchange site or set up a textlink.

Please understand, I will not list your entry without a backlink.

I reserve the right, to block breeder without a statement of reasons.
The entry in the cats-breeder list happens manually.

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